Business without advertising is like aiming to shoot in the dark. What’s the point really? And shooting in different directions is again only a waste, of your bullets. What I am actually trying to tell is that advertising is not enough; advertising at the right place, at the right time is what can change the fate of your business or brand.

When a girl walks into a washroom in a mall and finds the advertisement of a pocket friendly, space saving sanitary napkin brand, there are chances that she would go for that brand to put it in her bag or pocket rather than the regular her ones. Now that is what I call effective advertising. It’s reaching the right consumers at the right place and exactly at the right time.

How many of us really care to check the brochures, flyers or pamphlets that are given to us on the road by random people? Accept it or no most of us, take them, dump it in the bag and use it as a tissue later.

Similarly we turn a blind eye to the brand or the product when the presentation takes over. I mean, like seriously, I found the song and concept of the advertisement ‘bande ache hain’ so engaging and awesome, that I cannot even recollect if it is a bank or some investment firm. And when I looked up for the ad on youtube I typed in bande ache hain. Oh I still don’t remember, what is a bank? Huh?

When your favorite actor uses a particular brand of t-shirt you would certainly insist on owning a similar one over any other piece of clothing. On a personal note, I prefer the cola drink that Salman Khan endorses for over any other drink.

Print and electronic media undoubtedly has extremely wide reach but the new media takes this to an all new level. Access to information, availability of content and details at convenience, elevating enthusiasm, drive to find out more, it is all possible in the World Wide Web. And that, my friend, is the key to effective advertising.  Even TV ads are now showing how things go viral in social media, with regard to the latest Vodafone ad, ‘Crazy feet’.

We spend so much time online, browsing, networking and chatting. When we see some of our friends liking any page or brand on Facebook it automatically grabs our attention and we tend to click and check what the page is about. Getting attention on internet advertising therefore is more easy, fast and effective. Now, next time when you are looking for something the chances of you thinking and preferring a brand widely liked on Facebook will but obviously be your first preference. So O-dear-manufacturer, now you know what place you must also consider for advertising other than the conventional media.