The Client

Fernandez hospital established in 1948 is one of the primary hospitals in Hyderabad with multiple branches, specializing in birth-care having a record high of normal childbirths in a year.

The Challenge

The challenge was to maintain brand reputation and strengthen the minimal social presence of Fernandez Hospitals on digital space while chanelling feedbacks from their clients onto one platform, ensuring a positive perception about the brand.

The Solution

Transforming the brand digitally while coming up with a smart solution chanelling positive and negative feedback about the hospital onto a specific social space.


  • Educating expectant mothers and scienctifically inclined minds on the various aspects of childbirth and childcare through themed artices posted per week, building traffic onto their website which boosted the presence of the brand online and offline.
  • Day to day checks using repetitive management tools tracking the conversations taking place on online space.
  • Regular postings talking about achievements, awards, reviews about the hospital, patient intels from offline and online sources, boosting their social presence.
  • We publicised customer videos on online space.
  • We built a campaign to showcase that Fernandez Hospitals is a happy place to be born.
  • Complaints were placed online giving the customers a structure where they could post online.
  • Reputation management was one of the key factors and efforts were made so that the chances of their website coming on google search was higher.
  • Information based posters and awareness based works were posted regularly on their website and other health related and review based forums.



User Activity

  • Increase in page likes.
  • 2x increase in website traffic.
  • 60% increase in reading time on website.


Brand Perception

  • Maintained the positive perception of the brand throughout the campaign period.
  • Generating positive reviews through online channels.

Best Ads of Fernandez Hospitals, created by Radikal Tribe, which were informative at the same time increased traffic onto their website and facebook page.