We have seen so many changes in the ways we communicate over time. Remember the time you walked all the way to an STD booth to make a call, then to your neighbor’s house to answer a call you received and then the oh-so-awesome moment when you got your very own telephone connection. Priceless. Fighting with your siblings to pick up a call, the bizarre smile that runs on the face when you heard the phone bell ring, good old days. The joy of memorizing and writing your phone numbers in dairies and looking up for numbers in the bible of phone numbers, the directory. We have done it all.

Then comes the wireless revolution. Cordless phone was first of its kind, the comforts of keeping the phone right beside you and to not have run to it when it rang. What excitement was that! And then things began to change -so-fast and how! A kind of shrinking had started. Phones were getting smaller and eventually came the device that changed our lives forever, a MOBILE phone. You could carry it everywhere, talk to anybody, anytime. It was true revolution, the concept of amalgamation of a camera, video recorder, music player into one, just made things so easy, so handy and addictive.
And almost exactly at the same time or even a little earlier maybe, and on an almost similar media something huge was getting ready to blow our minds off, The INTERNET. The concept of sending a message across oceans with just the press of a button, the concept of eliminating the existence of a postman, the concept of a virtual paper that had messages and could be stored safely in your inbox. The concept of E-mails.

I can easily state that internet and mobiles, only stand second in path breaking inventions after electricity.
We were all part of the SMS generation, short cuts, fast messages, easy conversations, quick replies. Keeping in touch had never been so easy. Informing, irritating, educating, entertaining, we have done it all on SMS’s right? As this was catching pace here, the idea of instant messaging was developing on the internet. Yahoo Messenger was the place to be. Chatroom was the new hangout, to find friends, flirt, fool around and forget the reality.

Web development caught high speed during those days. Everybody had to be on the WorldWideWeb. Search engines and Wikipedia reduced the need of books and libraries. They were the new teachers. I agree that accessibility wasn’t that high, but it was there. Every street in the city had cybercafés and there were queues to get turns, yes. The 20rs for an hour was a kind of expenditure we had preferred over chips, cola or cigarettes.

And then, a mastermind sitting in Harvard college created something for students in his vicinity to come closer for effective communication which once again was a massive leap in the whole idea ‘keep in touch’ for the entire world. FACEBOOK. It came into existence as a community of people and friends who could contact and communicate on a platform which was simple but inexplicably addictive. Curiosity in others lives, showing of what’s happening in yours, associating with like-minded people, sharing opinions and ideas you can do it all on facebook. Facebook took the ‘keep in touch’ concept to abnormal heights.

Microblogging with Twitter also comes in as an excellent innovation in communication. Short, crisp and to-the-point. Just what you have to say, what you want to say. Celebs concentration is high on twitter than on facebook, considering its short post methodology, 200million tweets a day, that says it all.
The real game changer according to me is the union of INTERNET and MOBILE. The coming of 2G growth to 3G and now 4G. It has made everything so convenient, talking, messaging, browsing, social networking, tweeting, shopping, paying bills, you name it, it is all a tap away for you. Bottom line being, communication has become easy, everything in life has become easier because of communication.