Radikal Tribe provides integrated online to on-ground advertising solutions enabling quality conversations about your brand. We create subtle yet effective ads with a strong communication strategy on par with the changing digital trends and user expectations.

From data analysis and strategic planning, to creating a cohesive communication strategy through effective content and attractive designs, we align our creative energies and use multiple advertising channels to highlight the identity of your brand, catching the eye of users.

Together we “Hunt, Cook & Serve!!!”


Correlating similar brand specific information through extensive research.


Brainstorming across various teams to create the perfect promotional campaign.


Promoting your brand and creating virality from online to on­ground.


Branding & Design
Our creative design team brainstorms continuously to provide innovative ideas ensuring your brand’s presence across diverse platforms.

  • Logos & Stationery ( Letter pads, visiting cards, package design)
  • Designs for Publications ( Magazines, Newspapers, Calendars and Books)
  • Advertisements ( Lollipops, Posters, Fliers, Hoardings)
Website & App Development
Our Web & App Design team works collectively following an eclectic approach, to produce functionally aesthetic designs that are attractive, balanced, and direct.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Website design
  • Domain Registration
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web hosting
Digital Marketing
To ensure a 360 degree effectiveness, our team studies and correlates specific material by skimming through the vast ocean of this digital world and presents a tightly knit, well planned campaign; establishing your brand’s presence across various digital platforms.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
Social Media
Through seamless research and thorough study of the latest trends of social media we generate innovative and strong strategies to widen your brand’s visibility hence advancing your business.

  • Social Profile Development
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Content Creation & Distribution
  • User Interaction Strategies
  • Reputation management
  • Social Contests
  • Influencer Campaigns
Content Management
Radikal tribe’s content writing services is your one stop shop for simple, efficient and ‘to-the-point’ content which has an impact on your audience.

  • Business Presentations
  • Blogs
  • Corporate Profiles
  • Web Content
  • Captions & Taglines
  • Editing
Marketing Campaigns
We create prolific marketing campaigns to widen your brand’s visibility across diverse mediums, garnering the required publicity to boost your business.

  • On-ground marketing campaigns
  • Word of mouth publicity campaigns
  • Positional Advertising
  • Co-branding
  • Stalls
  • Mall activities
  • Media buying
  • TV Ads and Radio Jingles

Our Tribe


Our Research Rhino.

Thank God for Sneha’s immense love for reading and enthusiasm to learn new digital trends, our research is always marked to ‘Puuuurrrfection’.  


Our Designing Deer

From scratch to finish; Phani is our design Guru!! Photography, photo ads, videos, web designing, branding and giving that additional flavor to a campaign, Phani brews it all like a strong cup of coffee.


Our Content Cow

Holy Cow!! She knows how to write. Nenita weaves her words with the aim to make an impact to her readers.


Our Designing Deer

His ideas are wayyyyyy out of the box! He loves experimenting with colours,  exploring new design elements, creating innovative minimalistic designs….. Phew! That’s our larger than life designer Avinash!


The Doodler

A disciplined mech student turns designer. Uttej brings his hand sketched illustrations to life by digitally redesigning them giving them a depth that only a mech student can do.


The Boss

The world’s coolest boss! Akil is co-founder and CEO of Radikal Tribe, who is always on his toes!! He Eats, Sleeps and Breathes work. A former Engineer and a current poet, he is energetic, an out of the box thinker, very active social networker and extremely passionate about his work.

Rudra Teja

The Superman

Rudra is a quiet, focused & disciplined co-founder and COO of Radikal Tribe. He is also a former engineer known for his compassionate and meticulous nature which enables him to single handedly head and check all the departments in our organization.

Sneha Kandukuri

The Operations Head

If we are students, Akka is our Principal. She manages us, ensures work it done on time, runs the financials, handles clients and with all that, she also works on SEO related queries. She has quite a bit on her plate…!  


The Problem Solver

This techno-functional-behavioural-design buff is the know-it-all Product & Design Lead of Radikal tribe. Viky is multi faceted, extremely skilled and has an unlimited energy for getting you the UI/UX design you would die for!!!


Developer Dolphin

Bharath is our meticulous developer. Be it code, design or test – He just does it all to perfection. With him, the final outputs are as handsome as he is.



Full stack Fish

An action packed Full-stack tech wiz!! Pavan is the magic resource we love the most. With his eclectic skills and a deep desire to learn new things, he codes for Front end, Server and database.



Developer Owl

Akshay works at night and works in the morning. Yes he is our crazy and intense developer. He eats, breathes and drinks apps. Android or Ios, all he knows is to only hog it’s coding.

Want to work with us?

Graphic Designers
Do you want your work to be viewed on a large scale? Do you have what It takes to dream big and think out of the box? Do you have the ability to create visual concepts, communicate inspirational ideas, create an entire branding package? If your answer is YES to all these questions, ‘Welcome Aboard!!’
Social Media Marketing
If you have a penchant to deal with people, build conversations, have the ability to work about the digital world like the back of your hand  and capture leads and sales from all of them, it’s time we get working together!!
Research Analysts
Love to read, analyse and work a strategy for various businesses while keeping your creative abilities intact? Are your concepts self explanatory? If so, you are just what we have been looking for!
Love to read, analyse and work a strategy for various businesses while keeping your creative abilities intact? Are your concepts self explanatory? If so, you are just what we have been looking for!
Content Writers
Does your adrenaline rush when you play with words to create impactful stories? If so, WE WANT YOU to;

  • write crisp, catchy and witty liners,
  • keep reading to create informed content,
  • wire your brain to ideate photo ad concepts & digital campaigns for us!!
Business Development
Are you a person who has his way with people, develop innovative ideas, think outside the box, and build an entire business in your mind within minutes? Do you love to socialize and listen to people from various walks of life? Then we want you to apply to us!!